Pico Pixel

An image viewer for graphics software developers.
With support for many pixel formats and features that increase your productivity.

Like Printf, For Images.

Pico Pixel makes exporting raw image data, at runtime, from any C++ program as easy as using printf.
With our C++ SDK, easily import raw image data into Pico Pixel. We have built many features to dramatically improve the task of extracting images out of your 3D graphics programs.

Image Deep

Zoom into images, inspect individual color channels and get color information for every pixel, displayed either as integer, hexadecimal or floating point values.

Texture Volume Cubemap

Pico Pixel is perfect to view any type of images. Quickly navigate through layers of mip-maps, or volume textures. Pico Pixel interface gives you access to layers of information hidden in the image files.

Pixel Formats

Use Pico Pixel to view these files formats: TGA, BMP, JPG, DDS, PNG, OpenEXR, KTX, HDR, GIF, TIF.
In addition, Pico Pixel supports a vast array of pixel formats exposed by GPUs.

and More...

Fast Clean Responsive UI

Pico Pixel core leverages OpenGL, multi-threading and GPU technology to load, process and display images. The result is an interface that is both fast and responsive. Special attention is given to the interface layout, in order to put your image in front and center.